Fillet weld-types and description

Fillet weld-types and description

Fillet weld

A fillet weld refers to a triangular type of weld that is approximately in transverse cross-section, it can be defined on the basis of its shape and dimensions.

Types of fillet weld 

Fillet weld may be defined by the following  aspects:

Fillet weld-types and description
  • Root, 
  • Toe, 
  • Face, 
  • Leg, and
  • Throat.

  • Fillet welds are generally performed in two types of joints which are Tee joints and Lap joints respectively.
    When welding with a tee joint, the workpieces are perpendicular or at an angle to each other but when welding is done with a lap joint, the workpieces are overlapped.

    As shown in the figure, fillet weld consists of five main parts, these aspects can be defined by measuring its size and shape also. like throat thickness(The thickness of the throat is the perpendicular distance between the two lines, parallel to the line joining each of the outer toes.) and Leg length(a distance from the intersection of the fusion face and the weld toe of a fillet weld, measured at the fusion face.).

    Types of Fillet weld 

    Fillet weld can be categorized into the following types:
    • Convex fillet weld
    • Concave fillet weld
    • Asymmetrical fillet weld
    • Deep penetrated fillet weld
    • Compoundfillet weld

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