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As we discussed in the previous article, what preparation should be done before going for an interview. Which focused on the main points before going to the interview. Today we will discuss the steps which are related to interview questions


Before we go ahead it must be kept in mind what the interviewer really wants to know from you. An interviewer wants to know how you tell yourself. Now we will discuss those questions which are almost asking by an interviewer in every interview.

Tell me about yourself?

"Tell me about yourself" this is the topmost common question asked in almost every interview by interviewers.interviewer want to know that how you can describe yourself so first we will discuss what are the points candidates should include while giving the answer to such kind of question. A candidate Should start with the name second give the place information that where he lives or where is he from. The next question is about education in short. after you have told your name and place then you describe your education but it should be in short it should not be too long then if you have the job experience you can explain it. Finally, you can share your family details but in short.
an example of this question that how candidates should answer to such kind of question:-
⇒ I am (Name)  ⇒ I leave in (Your place) ⇒ I  have done Graduation in science and Diplome in Mechanical and 5 years experience in mechanical as a supervisor and I have mother and father along with my wife and two boys in my family. In this way, short but complete information can share and impress the interviewer.

why do you want to work at our company?

Many times this question raised by the interviewer "why do you want to work at our company", by asking such kinds of questions they want to know that why you are interested to work in their company. we will discuss some points that can help you to include these points while giving such type of answer first is tell them what you like about the company is very important we have to share that what we like about their company next.  Is related to your long term career goals. Everyone is working to achieve their goal.
an example: "it is a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours when I read about your company and found that my skills are matching your requirements where I can showcase my technical skills to contribute to the company growth." or "it will be proud feeling for me to work in computer company like yours.means a candidate should say that when he read about his company he found that his skills are matching with there requirements whatever the job profile they are having or whatever the job profile there are looking also he can show his technical skills to contribute to their company growth in short."

What is your strength?

The next question is also very common but important questions in interviews that are about strength and weakness. By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know what are your strengths and how your strength will be beneficial for the company. These are some points:- adaptability and answer one point like adaptability that are you are adjustable to any kind of environment information next. Hard-working you can also tell them that you are very hardworking in your work and you work with your dedication and determination Is honest this is also good. you can answer that you are very honest in your work flexibility that you are flexible enough to work anywhere in any location in any is optimistic means positive attitude you can also include this point value in such type of answer that you are a positive attitude person you work with positivity point is fast decision making you are a fast decision-maker this is also your strength which you can answer that you make decisions very quickly. Next is persistent it means you are regular in your work so you can also include this. The next point is self-motivated you can also include this point because you can tell them that you are motivated by yourself only. You can include any of the points which are matching with your skills, an example that how you can understand your question. An example of this question is "I am an honest self-motivated and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards my career and my life."

what are your weaknesses

The next question may be" what are your weaknesses " this is also an important question in the interview. By asking this question, an interviewer wants to know that if your weakness can affect the job profile they can reject you so while giving such type of answer you can include positive points even if they are "weakness" but they should be positive enough to describe your skill  -straight forward attitude even it is describing as a weakness but they should be positive enough to describe your skill so later system. some more points are given below

  • sensitiveness
  • talkative trust people very quickly. 
  • can't say no
I can't say no when someone asks for help is also a weakness, you should answer in your weakness Shortly, keep in mind, don't share more than two or three weaknesses because it will be harmful to you and reduces the chance to get selected. examples  am a bit lazy about which I am not interested and I can't say no when someone asks for help

why should I hire you

this is a very common question which almost in every interview, the interviewer ask you that why should I hire you, you have to do Marketing of yours and your skills, while you give your answer.
These are some points which you should include while giving such type of answer 
  • Share your knowledge
  • Do marketing of yourself
  • Share your experience from pas company if you are an experienced person.


These are some common interview questions and their possible answers in next we will describe particular job-wise selected interview questions and their answers.

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