questions asked in interview from welding

Questions asked in interview:

Here are some most common questions asked in interview from the field of welding, that will be helpful for candidates during an interview.
As we have discussed the basic interview questions in our previous article, today we will forward from that article. There are many questions to ask from various sections of the welding field that can be divvied by various parts. such as: regarding welding operator skill, work experiences, educational qualifications, welding qualification test, etc. These are the basic questions that have been discussed in the previous article.

questions asked in interview

  • What is meant by welding?
  • Welding is the process of joining two or more materials together by heating and pressure or heating/pressure only.
  • Define the source of heating for welding operation?
  • welding required a certain temperature for melting the base metal that is obtained by the source of flammable gases or electrical energy.
  • How will you define Arc welding and gas welding?
  • Arc Welding:-The welding process in which a certain heat is obtained by an electric arc for melting the base metal called the arc welding process. Gas Welding:-The welding process in which a certain heat is obtained by flammable gases for melting the base metal called the gas welding process.
  • In which welding process, flammable gasses are used?
  • Gas welding.
  • How many types of flammable gases are used in gas welding?
  • Acetylene
  • Hydrogen
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Which flammable gas is producing a higher temperature?
  • The oxygen mixed with Acetylene →3200℃
  • The oxygen mixed with Hydrogen →2500℃
  • The oxygen mixed with Propane →2500℃
  • Explain the equipment used in the gas welding process?
  • Oxygen gas cylinder
  • Acetylene gas cylinder
  • Oxygen pressure regulator.
  • Acetylene pressure regulator.
  • Oxygen gas Hose (Blue)
  • Acetylene Hose (Red)
  • ; Welding torch or blowpipe with a set of nozzles and gaslighter.
  • Trolleys for the transportation of oxygen and acetylene.
  • A set of keys and spanners.
  • Filler rods and fluxes
  • Protective clothing  for the welding operator
  • Where the use of welding electrode E7018 is recommended?
  • For welding of high strength steel,For thicker peices of Carbon steel plates,Higher materials of carbon equivalent.
  • Why is electrode E7018 called a low hydrogen electrode?
  • High hydrogen electrodes have their coating components, which on melting produce carbon d-oxide which gives gaseous shielding to the metal and prevents atmospheric hydrogen from entering the arc atmosphere.
     This way low levels of hydrogen occur in the weld metal. Hence it is called the low-hydrogen electrode.
  • What type of preparation is required before welding is started?
  • Identification of the material to be welded
  • Selection of welding process
  • Selection of right kind of electrode as per material chemical composition, mentioned in applied welding procedure specification.
  • Joint preparation
  • Selection of Welding equipment as per the applied welding process.
  • Which  ASME code is preferred to Welding & Brazing qualification?
  • ASME Section IX
  • What do you mean by the Shielding gas?
  • Shielding gases are inert gases that are used to avoid atmospheric contamination of the molten weld pool.
  • How many types of shielding gases are used in TIG welding operation?
  • Argon
  • Helium
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon-Helium mixtures
  • Argon-Hydrogen mixtures
  • Argon-Oxygen mixtures
  • How the CO2 gas is used as a shielding gas
  • CO2(Carbon-dioxide)is made up of two elements, carbon, and oxygen. During welding, it exposed at high temperature, the Co2 Converts as Carbon Monoxide and oxygen and the molecular oxygen changes to its atomic form. the deoxidizer elements from the filler material such as silicon, manganese readily combines with the oxygen and prevent it from combining with the weld metal.questions asked in interview from welding
  • How to identify, which material is going to be welded?
  • By seeing the code of material on the equipment that is printed on every material or by checking the material certificate, provided by the manufacturer.
  • Define the welding electrodes?
  • The electrode has two main functions in the welding process. Filling the joint and becoming the welding current carrier for the desired heat. There are two types of electrodes 1-Consumable electrodes 2- Non-Consumables electrodes. questions asked in interview from weldingNon-consumable electrodes do not fuse during welding and only act as carriers of electric current while consumable electrodes act both as carriers of electric current and as filler metals.
    Electrodes Full Chart With the Material description

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