Career Guidance A Review

Career Guidance A Review

Career Guidance

Short and easy definition Career Guidance is meant to advise students and students of schools and colleges on how to learn their natural abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and physical fitness or tendencies to live life successfully. 

How to choose a career 

Description Career guidance means young people, especially school children, should be counseled and mentored to help them succeed in life. 

Know Yourself: 

Know your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, values ​​and physical attributes.

 Develop qualities, 

overcome weaknesses, strengthen values, and learn to work with natural abilities.

 While studying: 

Choose the right subjects. Choose subjects that look and sound easy in school or college based on your natural trends and passions, so that you can succeed and grow in your career in the future.

 Choose the right career: 

Select the profession that suits your education, training and physical skills (interests, hobbies) and learn ways to grow and move forward in your field.
The international definition of Career Guidance 
The European Organization for Economic Co-operation (OECD), the European Commission and the World Bank praised Career Guidance as "Career Guidance means services and activities that are intended to assist anyone, throughout their life, in education, training and career selection and career management, no matter the age of the individual. Yes. These services may be available in schools, colleges, universities, training institutes, government employment departments, workplaces, volunteers or the social sector and the private sector.

Career Guidance activities 

Career Guidance activities can be conducted on an individual level or with an individual group, face-to-face or at a distance (via correspondence, telephone, helpline, and the web). These include the provision of career information (through printed material, information and communication technology or in other formats), reviews and self-review methods, counseling interviews, career-related education programs (which are intended to help of individuals Knowledge and about opportunities and develop career management skills.
Career Guidance A Review
Career Guidance A Review
Career Guidance A Review

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