Interview questions for the piping

Interview questions for the piping                 
In today's article, we will discuss the final and main part of the interview questions for pipefitters and fabricators.first of all we take questions from fittings.

How many flanges are used in piping? 

Interview questions for the piping

Interview questions for the piping
Blind flange
Flanges can be classified as:-
  • Based on pipe attachment:  Slip-on, Socket Weld, Screwed, Lap Joint, Welding Neck, Blind, Reducing and Integral.
  • Based on pressure-temperature ratings:  150#,300#,400#,600 #, 900#,1500#,2500#
  • Based on Facing:  Raised face. (R/F), Tongue and groove. (T/G), Male and female. (M/F), Ring type joint. (RTJ) , Flat face. (FF)
  • Based on the face finish: Smooth finish.,Serrated finish.
Interview questions for the piping

What is the material code for cs and ss flanges?

Interview questions for the piping             For material code please check this link:-         MATERIALS

How many types of the gasket is used in piping?

 Gaskets are classified as: -
Mainly four types of gaskets are classified based on the type of construction which are:-
 Full face, Spiral wound metallic, Ring-type, Metal jacketed. inside bolt circle and the most commonly used material for the gasket is compressed asbestos fiber, and for high-temperature services, graphite filler is used.
Interview questions for the piping
Gate valve 

How will you differentiate between pipe and tube?

The pipe is identified by NB and the thickness is defined by Schedule, while the tube is identified by Outer dia OD.and its thickness is known as BWG (Birmingham Wire Gauge or 1/100 inch).

How many types of valves are used in piping?

Basically, Valves are classified based on its method of operation like:-
1-Self- operated valves.
2-Operated valves.
We can classified valves in various ways like -on the base of Isolation, on the base of Regulation, on the base of Special purpose and  Non- Return base.which are as follows:-
Interview questions for the piping
Check valve
On the base of Isolation:-Gate valve.Ball valve, Plug valve, Piston valve, Diaphragm Valve.Butterfly, Pinch valve. valve.
On the base of Regulation:-Globe valveNeedle valve, Butterfly valve.Butterfly valve.Diaphragm valve.Piston valve.Pinch valve.
On the base of Special purpose:-Multi- Port valve,  Flush Bottom Valve, Float valve, Foot valve, Line blind valve, Knife Gate valve.
On the base of Non- Return:-Check valve.
We can classified Check valves into two types based on check mechanism like -Lift check valve.
and the Swing check valve.
Interview questions for the piping

What are valve symbols?

Interview questions for the piping
valves symbols are shown on the right-side figure.

What do you know about Jacketed Piping?

Jacketed Piping is used to providing the most uniform application of heat to the process, as well
as maintaining the most uniform processing temperatures where steam tracing is not capable of
maintaining the constant temperature of the fluid.

What is the process of joint preparation?

Interview questions for the piping
  • Bevel
The base metal is welded through a bevel according to its thickness .using 37.5 degrees of bevel angle and 75 degrees of grove angle.

Root PreparationDuring the Preparation of welding joints, the root gap should be 2.5 to 04.00 mm as per job thickness or according to WPS.

What are the tools required for joint preparation?

Interview questions for the piping             Tools for Preparation of welding joints..

Tools for welding joint preparation are as follows:
  • Grinder Machines for making bevel and edges.
  • Measuring tape for cutting the right size of pieces.
  • right angle and level
  • Jack stands
  • Wire brushes or power brushes for cleaning purposes.
  • Gap rod for making proper root gap
  • Chalk/ pencil for marking purposes.
  • file

How many types of joints do you know?

For different type of jobs reacquired different types of welds joints and welds, here we will discuss about common Welding
Edge Joints, Butt joint, Tee Joints, Corner joint, Lap joint. Under these joints, several types of veld designs are available.
To know more about these weld designs see below:



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